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My friends and visitors, welcome to my site.  I hope that the mutual exchange of ideas can enlighten us all a little.  I do admit that I am disenfranchised with the Lowes' policies.  Rather than quit, I seek to reform Lowes.  I recognize this is no little task and I will likely face repercussions for my actions.  However, I do not wish to stand by idly why my brothers and sisters are being misled and punished.  We all have made sacrifices for this company in one way or another, and I seek repayment for lies and misdeeds done to us.  I welcome your visit and respect your autonomy.  So please, visit my pages (all links are in red) and if you have any comments please contact me at

I have also created a free bulletin board at this site: Bulletin Board. Click Here

I do apologize for all the pop-up advertisements, but hey I work at Lowes.  Did you think that I could afford my own domain name with the paltry salary I earn? Seriously though, I will be using another service shortly that will allow me produce a commercial-grade site.  Thank you for your patience.


WelcIdeology   |   Contact Us   |   Related Links

Hi there! I am one of the writing team managers of CabalArticles, a world-wide content writing combine. We can write in English and Spanish for world-wide world wide web readers, and are ready for written content production for your web page. Listed below you can find my curriculum vitae, and you will be able to find other writing team managers and writers' resumes on this web site. At the end of my curriculum vitae, you will find some instances of our posted articles. For work queries, you should contact us using the form on this web page and we'll answer as soon as is feasible.

Janet A. Sternberg
1607 Cessna Drive
Huntington, IN

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rivier College
10 years of writing experience (mainly for Online readers)
Great fluency in English
Professional, team-oriented individual with a knack for specifics

Business Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Staff Organizer
Accountable for organizing a international group of writers to meet a challenging set of assembly aims.
- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, increasing output by 20% internationally
- Properly kept regular records of project distribution
- Maintained quality control for world output over a large group of freelancers

Additional Abilities

Competent in English
Innovative skills with a full range of office software programs

Samples of Released Writing